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Ingredient blending to your exact specification

Koru Pacific Packaging works with a variety of manufacturers who need the customized blending of raw ingredients. Often, that's small and mid-sized producers who have outgrown their in-house, small-batch mixing & blending capabilities and/or simply don't have the machinery or space to do larger batch blending. Sound familiar? We're probably a great fit.

Your exact specifications, no corners cut.

Whether your shipping pallets of 50 lb bakery mix bags or pioneering a mouthwatering new blend of spices, we know your recipe matters. Our cGMP certified processes are designed for precision, ensuring perfect ingredient ratios every time. We're also organic certified, meaning you're getting an extremely high-quality mix with 3rd-party audited processes to ensure no cross-contamination of your carefully crafted recipe.

Volume & Efficiency Equal Cost-Effective Blending

We use a state-of-the-art ribbon blender with a 3000 lb hopper. This provides efficient, cost-effective volume and speed without sacrificing blend control. This also allows us to offer versatility in the ingredients we can process for you. Those ingredients can range from fine powders (e.g. flour) to granular (e.g. salt) and even bean-sized ingredients (e.g. coffee).

Dual sets of ribbons continuously move your product to create the perfect blend. An inner ribbon moves ingredients outwards and an outer ribbon moves the mix back towards the center where it can be discharged to bulk bags or prepared to move over to our packaging lines.

Testing a new blend or need product samples?

While there are obvious cost-efficiencies with larger production runs, Koru Pacific is more than happy to help with your initial small-batch runs (as small as 300lbs) when your brand needs initial samples or is testing a new flavor profile. If helpful, we can also provide contract services with formula technician to help your team dial in the exact recipe you're looking for.

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