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High-Speed Bottle & Jar Packaging

Koru Pacific offers bottle and jar packaging for a variety of dry powder & granular products, as well as various types of pills, capsules, and tablets. We can efficiently source an enormous variety of plastic and glass options in various colors, sizes & shapes.

Our high-speed bottling lines offer both auger-filled (powders & granular) and hopper-filled (pills, capsules & tablets) options, meaning we have a lot of flexibility in the types of products we can get into those bottles and jars.

Of course, we also provide all of the secondary packaging steps you need and expect as well. That's the pieces such as labeling, capping, neckband security wrapping & date/lot coding, outer cartons, case-packing, master shipper packing and more.

Common Products We Package in Jars & Bottles

  • Vitamin & Supplement Packaging
  • Pill, Capsule & Tab Packaging
  • Powdered Supplement Packaging
  • Veterinary Supplement Packaging
  • Spices & Spice Blend Packaging

Popular Options & Configurations

  • Small, Plastic Pill Bottles
  • Amber Tablet Bottles
  • Mason Jars
  • Large Plastic Bottles for Supplements & other Powders
  • Boxed outer carton
  • Cotton insert, heat seal, date/lot coded

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