Small-Batch to Container Loads

If you're packaging powder, granular dry goods, pills, tablets or capsules, we have a packaging solution for you.

Whether you have an amazing new barbeque rub or are producing vitamin chews for pets (and just about everything in between), the team at Koru Pacific is here to help you get your product to market. We run multiple, high-speed production lines, capable of handling any volume you need. We're agile enough to retool those lines efficiently to meet your custom needs if one of our standard packaging solutions isn't an ideal fit.

Bottles & Jars


Available in a huge variety of sizes from tiny, 60cc/4oz pill bottles to 2-gallon jugs. Most sizes are available in glass or plastic. Plastic bottles available in white, clear, amber and other colors on request. Cap/lid sizes & colors can vary as needed and are available in both heat-sealed and pressure sensitive options. Our bottling line handles the end-to-end process from fills, cottoning, heat-shrink security sealing, labeling, outer-carton, master shipper and case pack boxing. Larger configurations can include a scoop if needed for your product.

Common Uses:

  • Vitamin & Supplement Packaging
  • Pill, Capsule & Tab Packaging
  • Powdered Supplement Packaging
  • Veterinary Supplement Packaging
  • Spices & Spice Blend Packaging

Tear-Open & Resealable Pouches & Sachets


Available in a large variety of sizes, materials & configurations, from single-use stick pouches to larger, re-sealable options. Our lines handle paper, plastic, foil-lined, mylar and other materials. We can also run unique configurations such as dual-pocket pouches (think margarita mix on one side and glass rim salt on the other).

Common Uses:

  • Drink Mix Packaging
  • Hot Cocoa Packaging
  • Powdered Milk Packaging
  • Dry salsa and similar mixes
  • Meal Replacement Shake Packaging
  • Bakery Additions
  • Custom Spice Blends

Stand-up, Pre-Gusseted Bags


We package pre-gusseted bags in a large variety of sizes and a number of different materials to suit your needs. As you likely know, pre-gusseted bags are designed to stand up on their own on shelves and are a great solution for things like bakery batter mixes, coffee and other powdered or granular products.

Common Uses:

  • Cake mix packaging
  • Pancake mix packaging
  • Miscellaneous bakery packaging
  • Coffee packaging

Foil, Fiber and Metal Cans


We offer a variety of foil, fiber and metal canning options - ideal for everything from snack foods to drink mixes. We can even provide the packaged scoops. Our production lines can handle most consumer-sized cans and offer various seal and lid options to fit your application.

Common Uses:

  • Spice & Seasoning Cans
  • Snack Food Cans
  • Drink Mix Cans
  • Baking Mix Cans
  • Coffee Cans

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Powder Blending

Need your raw powdered or granular ingredients blended to your exact recipe before packaging?

We run a state-of-the-art ribbon blender with a 3000 lb hopper capacity. In addition to the large capacity runs, we're also happy to run a limited number of smaller batches (as small as 300lbs) to help you build out early-stage samples or test a new flavor profile. No matter your production run volume, we can then ship your bulk blended product or move them over to our packaging lines to get the retail-ready treatment.

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