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Dry Can Packaging

We offer a variety of foil, fiber, plastic and metal canning options - ideal for everything from nuts and other snack foods to drink mixes. Our production lines can handle most consumer-sized cans and offer various seal and lid options to perfectly fit your product. Where applicable, we can easily include various sized scoops, giving consumers the ease-of-use they expect.

Common Products We Package in Cans

  • Drink Mix Can Packaging
  • Snack Food Can Packaging
  • Nut Can Packaging
  • Spice & Seasoning Cans
  • BBQ Rub Can Packaging
  • Baking Product Can Packaging
  • Small-batch Coffee Can Packaging

Popular Configurations

  • Foil, fiber, metal or plastic
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Metal pull tab sealed
  • Plastic or foil sealed

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