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Organic Certified Packaging Companies and their role in your supply chain.

Our role in your organic certified supply chain is to ensure that every step in our processes maintains the incredibly high integrity and quality standards you've set for yourself as an organic supplier. These steps apply to EVERY run we handle in our facility, regardless of whether they're an organic or non-organic product.

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We'd be happy to assist you with ingredient regulations under the organic title and liaise with our certifiers to get any additional information that may be required to get your label certified.

Organic Certified Packaging Companies

Our CCOF Organic Certification

CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) is our organic certifier and auditor of our packaging & handling processes for Organic compliance. That means we undergo yearly, in-house audit inspections and facility walk-throughs. This maintains our organic status and verifies that we are compliant with all regulations pertaining to the certification of your products.

We Ensure All Handling & Packaging is Compliant With Organic Regulations

Here are a few of the major components:

  • We keep strict segregation of organic products from non-organic products including both raw ingredients, finished case packs and all the way through to shippable pallets.
  • We perform deep cleanings between each production run using organic-approved products to ensure no cross-contamination.
  • We maintain detailed records of all product-in and all product-out, creating an audit trail.
  • We also maintain product samples for each individual production run for auditing purposes.

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Going Further

Additional Certifications We Maintain

USDA Organic • cGMP • FDA Registered • Merieux Nutrisciences

In addition to our CCOF-backed organic certification, Koru Pacific is registered with the State of California Department of Health as a processed food facility and an organic process facility.

We maintain a cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Processes) certification. Of course, we're also FDA Registered as a food packaging company.

Finally, we also partner with Merieux NutriSciences as an independent, 3rd-party auditor of our packaging and handling processes. That means we undergo additional facility walk-throughs and allow our processes to be scrutinized down to the smallest details.

FDA Approved Packaging Companies
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USDA Organic Packaging Companies
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